1. Deal Pride is scheduled to be held on Saturday 13th July 2024 (“the Schedule Event”).
  2. You as stall holder (“The Vendor”) shall occupy the site space allocated under this agreement. The space shall not be allocated or sub-let or be otherwise occupied by any other organisation/vendor/company not already allocated to such space.
  3. The Vendor will not encroach upon the general event area, alter the size or shape or position of their allocated space.
  4. All vendors/community stalls must be set up and ready by 11am at the latest and must remain on site until at least 5pm.
  5. The Vendor will be responsible for carrying out their own Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
  6. The Vendor will not construct a display which exceeds the height of the marquee structure unless otherwise agreed by written permission of Deal Pride.
  7. The Vendor shall not permit their space to be used in any manner as to conflict with the purpose of Deal Pride or the rights of other Vendors.
  8. Vendors can advertise their business or organisation within their allocated space only and should not obstruct the general flow, interfere, or obstruct neighbouring sites or cause a nuisance or annoyance to others.
  9. Vendors must remain on site until the end of the event as referred to above at clause 4. At the event end time, the Vendor shall remove all their equipment and other belongings, including any rubbish, from the site and ensure the space is left clear and clean.
  10. Power is not supplied, and the Vendor will be responsible for supplying their own power source providing it does not cause a nuisance or annoyance to others. Deal Pride would encourage an eco-friendly approach to your power source where possible.
  11. The Vendor agrees not to use glass when providing drink and food for consumption on site and will use items which are kinder to the environment where possible.
  12. Payment for the allocated space must be paid by the Vendor by the date specified by Deal Pride at the time of booking. Failure to make such payment means that Deal Pride may, at its discretion, allocate the space to another Vendor without liability.
  13. The Vendor may cancel their booking by providing written notice to Deal Pride at least 28 days prior to the Schedule Event. A cancellation charge will apply at 10% of the booking fee.
  14. If cancellation is given within 28 days of the Schedule Event, the full booking fee is payable and not refunded.
  15. Deal Pride reserves the right to alter or amend the site plan or the allocated space if required, for any reason. Deal Pride will allocate spaces at their discretion.
  16. The Vendor shall be liable for any damage caused to any equipment, marquees, grass or other fittings of the event.
  17. The Vendor is responsible for providing evidence of any licences that may be required in order for you to provide the services and/products at the Schedule Event and ensure they comply with all legal and local government requirements.  Such evidence must be provided at least 28 days prior to the Schedule Event.
  18. Deal Pride shall not be liable or responsible for any damage claimed by any person who may be injured whilst in the allocated space . The Vendor will indemnify Deal Pride for any loss suffered in the event of any claim against Deal Pride.
  19. Deal Pride will not be liable or responsible for any damage to the Vendor’s equipment, accessories or stock by loss, damage, theft, water, storm, riot or other cause whatsoever.
  20. The Vendor must hold Public Liability Insurance. Proof of this may be required at least 28 days prior to the Schedule Event.
  21. The Vendor agrees that Deal Pride can photograph, record, promote, advertise and market the Vendor as part of the Schedule Event.  Vendor details will be advertised on our website www.dealpride.co.uk.

Updated 23/01/2024 by PAS

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